Job Opening

Bulletin Number: RAD-DEN070600

POSITION Oral Surgeon
DIVISION Resource and Development, Dental
CLOSE DATE Open Until Filled


Summary of Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for performing a broad range of duties in the treatment of dental diseases requiring knowledge and experience to perform independently.


Outline of Essential Job Responsibilities/Functions to Include but Not Limited to:

Customer Care & Relationships:

  1. Creates, develops, and nurtures culturally appropriate interactions and connections with each other, customer-owners, and the community.
  2. Delivers and directs customer-owner care within the approved scope of the privileges approved by the Joint Operating Board (JOB) or as assigned.  

·         Completely and accurately obtains information in a courteous and respectful manner in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan. 

·         Performs treatments quickly and efficiently while keeping the customer-owner informed, and being sensitive to the customer-owner’s comfort during the treatment.

·         Sets the expectation with the customer-owner by listening to their concerns and addressing those that can be addressed and informing the customer-owner of the course of action to follow for other health concerns.

  1. Performs customer-owner care which includes examinations and procedures quickly and efficiently while keeping the customer-owner informed and consists of completely and accurately obtaining information in order to determine a diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. 

·         Examines the customer-owner, including evaluation of general medical condition from medical records and charts, recognition and diagnosis of pathological or irregular conditions.

·         Restores carious teeth with prescribed materials.

·         Performs surgical procedures including single and multiple extractions, removal of uncomplicated impacted teeth, residual root tips, localized foreign bodies and exostoses, biopsies, alveolectomies, and surgical endodontic procedures; corrective and palliative treatment of abnormal occlusion; and treatment of acute soft tissue infections.

·         Instructs and educates staff in personal and community preventive care.

  1. Provides customer-owner education that consists of advising customer-owners and family members in methods that facilitate a capacity for self-care and a movement towards a healthcare partnership between the healthcare providers, the customer-owners, and their families. 

·         Counsels and instructs customer-owners and family members either directly or refers to the appropriate personnel. 

·         Utilizes opportunities to provide helpful information to customer-owners and their families regarding dental hygiene, health habits, and home care. 

·         Stresses the maintenance of health and preventive care.  Listens for clues that the customer-owner needs additional assistance in understanding the treatment plan or in carrying out the treatment.

·         Works closely with public health nurses, physicians and sanitarians in the surveillance of community water fluoridation and other initiatives. 

  1. Ability to problem solve to effectively intercede with family and customer-owners to resolve concerns related to the delivery of health care services.
  2. Ability to understand the SCF mission and goals as essential to managing customer-owner care activities in the delivery of dental services in a cross-cultural environment.
  3. Knowledge of commonly used pharmacological agents, and implications of use in the treatment of the customer-owner.
  4. Knowledge of intra/inter departmental and community resources available to clients.
  5. Skill in interpersonal relationships.
  6. Ability to work easily and in a friendly manner with the general public and occasionally handle the hostile or disgruntled customer-owner.

Communications & Teamwork:

  1. Shares and receives information, opinions, concerns, and feedback in a supportive manner.
  2. Works collaboratively by building bridges, and creating rapport with team members within departments and across the organization.
  3. Communicates effectively with employees, other health care providers and customer-owners.

·         Ensures that verbal and written instructions are clear and concise and are understood by listening and asking for feedback. 

·         Educates support staff on how to interpret and carry out verbal and written orders so that the customer-owner’s needs are met.

·         Works in coordination with other clinic staff to effectively educate the customer-owner on their course of treatment in order to increase the likelihood of compliance.

·         Provides feedback on an ongoing basis to staff members to improve communication and is receptive to feedback from staff on ways to improve. 

  1. Assists in committee and administrative duties within the Dental Clinic.

·         Reports defective or missing equipment and safety hazards. 

·         Assists in disaster planning and activities.

·         Coordinates and works with other team members to ensure the efficient and effective flow of customer-owners, participates in creating and implementing schedules to ensure efficient flow.

Improvement & Innovation:

  1. Makes meaningful improvement to services, program, and processes and/or organizational effectiveness that creates new value for customer-owners and employees.
  2. Works in coordination with the management to develop and implement a quality assurance program. 

·         Monitors the quality of care delivered.  Chart reviews completed on a regular basis. 

·         Provides and receives consistent feedback on quality of care being delivered. 

·         Ensures ADA, JCAHO and other regulatory standards are met as they apply to the Clinic. 

  1. Teaches and supervises health professional students at all levels.

·         Develops processes for orientation, in-services and training of staff.  Ensures in-services are relevant to training needs and made available to all clinic staff

  1. Ability to independently establish and monitor a QA program which includes chart audits and staff improvement duties.

Workforce Development Skills & Abilities:

  1. Seeks out additional learning opportunities to continue to develop the technical and professional skills needed now and in the future.
  2. Takes responsibility for all work activities and personal actions by following through on commitments.
  3. Knowledge of a wide range of professional concepts, principles, and practices related to dental services and ambulatory care management, including supervision and administrative principles and policies in order to provide support and guidance to clinic staff. 
  4. Knowledge of 1974 Privacy Act is required as use of customer-owner record is an integral of the position and privacy of individuals must be protected to the fullest.
  5. Skill and capability to efficiently make decisions independently.
  6. Ability to meet appropriate workload requirements. 
  7. Ability to use the computer system in order to obtain customer-owner information, order any necessary tests, and check messages.
  8. Ability to maintain quality, safety and infection control standards.



SCF programs are established for the purpose of serving a primary population comprised of Alaska Natives who are affiliated with the Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI), and Alaska Natives and American Indians within SCF’s geographical service area.  Employees should have a thorough understanding of the cultures and the needs of the CIRI members, and of the general culture and needs of Alaska Natives and American Indians.  Such knowledge is critical in order to ensure the achievement of the mission and vision of SCF: working together with the Native community to provide the best services with Native staff who value the family and family wellness as the heart of the Native community.

  1. Graduation from an accredited dental school.
  2. Current Alaska licensure or current State licensure (for Corp staff) to practice dentistry.
  3. Completion of an approved residency training program preferred and required for specialty dentistry positions. Must be board certified or board eligible. 
  4. Certification in BLS is required.
  5. ACLS, NRP, ATLS, ALSO and PALS as required for specialty.

Working Environment:

Dentist: ANMC, Fireweed, Pediatric; Orthodontist; Pedodontist; Prosthodontist; Oral Surgeon: ANMC, Fireweed


·         Employee may be exposed to: wet or humid non-weather (to 2/3 time); work near moving mechanical parts (to 2/3 time); exposure to bloodborne pathogens (over 2/3 time); hazardous waste (under 1/3 time); fumes or airborne particles (under 1/3 time); toxic or caustic chemicals (to 2/3 time); risk of radiation (under 1/3 time).

·         Noise level: Moderate noise (i.e. business office with computers and printers, light traffic)

 Physical Demands:

Dentist: ANMC, Fireweed, Pediatric; Orthodontist; Pedodontist; Prosthodontist; Oral Surgeon: ANMC, Fireweed


·         Position requires: stand; walk; sit; use hands to finger, handle or feel; reach with hands and arms; talk or hear (over 2/3 time); fumes or airborne particles (under 1/3 time)

·         Weight lifted or force exerted: Up to 10 pounds (over 2/3 time), Up to 25 pounds (under 1/3 time), Up to 50 pounds (under 1/3 time)

·         Special vision requirements: Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less), Distance Vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more), Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors), Peripheral Vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right while eyes are fixed on a given point). Depth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships). Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus).

·         Additional physical demands: employee may be required to work holidays, evenings, weekends, and nights; employee must be able to respond when needed by prompt appearance at a required location; travel may be required; the employee is able to work under physically and emotionally stressed conditions.

Age and Customer-Owner Population(s) Served:

Dentist: ANMC, Fireweed; Orthodontist; Pedodontist; Prosthodontist; Oral Surgeon: ANMC, Fireweed


Age of Customer-Owner Population Served


·         Pediatric (1-12 yrs)

·         Adolescent (13-17 yrs)

·         Adult (18-64 yrs)

·         Geriatric (65 yrs & older)


·         Customer-owner with exceptional communication needs

·         Customer-owner with developmental delays

·         Customer-owner under isolation precautions


Please complete an online application by clicking the 'Apply' button at the top/bottom of this page. For more information contact SCF Human Resources by Email or (907) 729-4977 or Toll free at 1-800-478-3343

Preference will not be given unless certification is submitted to Human Resources (a copy is acceptable).