Customer-Owners and the SCF Needs Assessment

Oral health is a top health priority identified in the SCF Needs Assessment.

Customer-owners said, “we need more dental services.” 65,000 customer-owners and SCF completed and built a new five-story building which houses two stories dedicated to children and more dental services. Beginning in January, the Alaska Cleft Lip and Palate Program will be a designated American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association Cleft Palate Team. The Children’s Dental Clinic added 32 chairs, including 12 that are dedicated to orthodontics — in addition to receiving the latest in dental technology to help with this important program.

Customer-owners said, “we need more services for alcohol addictions.” 65,000 customer-owners and SCF expanded services to Four Directions Outpatient Treatment Center, doubling the size of the program. Four Directions now houses 44 employees and serves between 200 and 250 customer-owners a month, a significant growth from previously serving between 100 and 150 customer-owners. Other services related to alcohol and drug use have also been expanded.

Opening its doors on Jan. 1, 2017, SCF Detox is a voluntary 24-hour program that serves all individuals. Customer-owners in the program work with trained professionals and others to withdraw from alcohol and drugs in a safe setting. Detox provided services to 599 customer-owners in 2017, a 71.14 percent increase over the average number of 350 customer-owners served in the last three years. In addition, the Dena A Coy program, which offers medication management, and individual, group, and family therapy for women who experience substance use with co-occurring mental disorders is expanding its services from 14 beds to 16.

65,000 customer-owners and SCF have invested in service expansions and program enhancements. More than $300 million has been spent to provide markedly expanded facilities meeting the identified health needs. This translates into the addition of more than 500,000 square feet of clinical space.

65,000 customer-owners and SCF are achieving wellness demonstrated by the intricate and extensive approach taken to complete the SCF 2018 Health Needs Assessment. The assessment was conducted in partnership with Distinguished Professor of Public Health and Psychiatry, Dr. Spero Manson who directs the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health at the University of Colorado Denver’s Anschutz Medical Center. The very detailed report included large samples of both qualitative and quantitative data. It included more than 18 focus groups, with participants from Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley, community health centers in rural areas, and other clinical areas such as Brother Frances Shelter, Covenant House Alaska, and SCF’s Elder Program.

The Needs Assessment included 1418 customer-owner surveys gathered over the course of 10 days across multiple sites, and written surveys from a random sample of 1,500 customer-owners who have not utilized the system in the last three years. A separate census survey was sent to the more than 2,400 Southcentral Foundation employees (over 55 percent of SCF employees are Alaska Native and American Indian). The needs assessment included satisfaction survey results for the 2017 calendar year so that customer-owners did not have to repeat responses on a different survey. A stratified random sample approach was used in order to produce generalizable results. Frequency distributions were produced for each structured question.

The results of the assessment identified perceived quality as one of the top results from customer-owners. SCF has high quality services, well-trained providers and employees, and a focus on customer-owner voices. Customer-owners appreciate same day access and providers who work to meet customer owner needs and support healthy lifestyles.

65,000 customer-owners and SCF are committed to continuing to improve high quality services to meet these health priorities. SCF is working together with the Native Community as revealed by customer-owners and SCF’s Needs Assessment.

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