8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference

SCF President/CEO Katherine Gottlieb poses with a contingent of Maori confernce attendees after providing them with Alaska Native traditional artwork as gifts.

SCF hosted the 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference in June on SCF’s campus in Anchorage. The conference was attended by approximately 150 people seeking to learn about SCF’s Nuka System of Care. Attendees came from around the world, including the lower 48, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and a large contingent from New Zealand. Sessions were offered on leadership, medical and behavioral services, improvement and innovation, human resource practices, and many other topics. Keynote speeches were given by Dr. Eric Green from the National Human Genome Research Institute, and Cheryl Hankard from Maamwesying North Shore Community Health Services in Canada.

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