A Former RAISE Intern Shares Her Success Story

Sandy Cunningham, SCF Learning and Deveopment Associate

Sandy Cunningham is a lifelong Alaskan. She is married to her husband of nine years, Andrew, who also works at Southcentral Foundation. Together, they have their daughter Addison, who is seven years old. Sandy is currently working in the SCF Development Center as a learning and development associate. In her role, Sandy supports the Administrative Support Training Program which has allowed her to embrace her roots and help others take the next step in their career and begin their journey at SCF. As a former RAISE intern Sandy was very excited to participate in the program.

“RAISE is like a family. You become close with your peers and it’s so fun seeing others in the workforce later. The relationships continue with both peers and mentors. They celebrate each other’s successes and share support,” said Sandy.

RAISE taught Sandy about work ethic, professionalism, public speaking, and cultural values, while also providing a strong foundation for her career today. Sandy wouldn’t be in the position she is today without the guidance of mentors and the RAISE program; the exposure to managers, supervisors, and leadership; and the values which her experience provided her early on. Within the program she was eager to learn and loved taking on new tasks while getting to know departments throughout the organization. RAISE instilled a passion in her for helping and mentoring others. She values the mentoring and training she received and wants to give back through her role in the development center, which in part is why she loves working for SCF.

by Shamika Andrew

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