A New Audiologist Joins Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center

Goldie Pappan, new clinical audiologist, is happy to be a part of the Benteh Nuutah Valley Primary Care Center audiology team.

In August, SCF, Knik, and Chikaloon, which is the Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center Joint Operating Board, welcomed a new audiologist to its team of providers and to Alaska. Goldie Pappan holds a doctorate in clinical audiology and specializes in tinnitus management. She was born and raised in Kansas, has family in Oklahoma, and is a member of the Kaw Nation. Pappan and her husband are new to Alaska and love it for its beauty and variety of outdoor activities.

Pappan began her journey into the audiology field in 2011, when she enrolled in a communication sciences course at University of Kansas. She became interested in audiology when the class covered the scope of audiological services and hearing impairment. When Pappan learned about noise induced hearing loss she realized this type of hearing loss was prevalent in her family. She comes from a family whose jobs are frequently in loud environments like factories, meat packing plants, construction, and oil field work are common. Her first-hand experience of how a person’s ability to communicate with loved ones can be impacted by hearing loss inspired her to pursue the field of audiology.

Working at the VNPCC, Pappan will provide services such as diagnostic audiological testing, hearing aid services, tinnitus management, and cerumen management for individuals of all ages. She is especially interested in tinnitus management — a phantom auditory perception that can cause challenges with sleep and concentration. Pappan holds a certificate in tinnitus management from the American Board of Audiology. Learning new and different ways to improve coping capacity for customer-owners with bothersome tinnitus is something she is very passionate about.

“I am thankful to have joined an organization that truly prioritizes the health and wellness of our customer-owners. Working for such an innovative, integrated health care system is so exciting for me,” said Pappan. Having received Indian Health Services most of her life, Pappan is grateful for the opportunity to provide top-tier care and improve the quality of life and overall wellness of the Alaska Native Community.

For more information about receiving audiological services at Benteh Nuutah Valley Primary Care Center, please call (907) 631-7640

by Krystin Bogan

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