Academic Support for Employees Committed to Continued Education

President/CEO Katherine Gottlieb poses with the graduation celebration attendees after gifting them each a book on leadership after sharing their graduate stories.

Working and attending school full-time, or even part-time, can be exhausting. To encourage success, Southcentral Foundation has the education assistance program that provides support to employees who are continuing their training and education in a field related to the continued success of SCF. The program allows full-time employees, working a minimum of 32 hours a week, to apply for academic leave.

The program has multiple levels of support available to employees, ranging from 50 hours of leave per semester for associates/certifications, 60 hours of leave per semester for bachelors, to 80 hours of leave per semester for masters/Ph.D completion. This program is fully supported by SCF President/CEO Dr. Katherine Gottlieb. Every year she makes a point to schedule a graduation celebration where recent SCF graduates, family members, and friends are invited to enjoy a catered lunch and receive a gift from her. Additionally, graduates have the opportunity to share their graduate story with others.

A total of 41 graduates were invited to this year’s celebration with degree completions ranging from medical assisting to PhDs. Of those graduates, five employees graduated with associate degrees, 8 with bachelor’s degrees, 11 with master’s degrees, 2 PhDs, and 15 with professional certificates. There were 17 clinical graduates, and 23 non-clinical graduates in attendance.

SCF also offers levels of scholarship opportunities to Alaska Native and American Indian employees. The presidential scholarship of $10,000; the master’s and graduate scholarship of $5,000; the bachelor’s and undergraduate scholarship of $2,000; and the associates and vocational scholarships of $500. The scholarship funds may be used for tuition, student fees, and books from an accredited educational institute.

SCF’s Educational Assistance Program and supporting a culture of learning and continued education aligns with SCF’s Commitment to Quality. Not only does the academic program support the development of Alaska Native people, it helps grow employees into leadership roles. The program allows employees to gain real work experience while still having the flexibility of attending classes, on campus or online, in support of their individual continued education. By investing in the education of future generations of Alaska Native people and SCF employees, SCF hopes to continually improve the services provided by SCF while providing meaningful educational and employment opportunities.

by Jake Johnson

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