Alaska Gets Animated: Molly of Denali

The first animated children series to feature an Alaska Native lead character will debut nationwide on PBS, the number one educational media brand for kids, in the summer of 2019. Molly of Denali will star Molly Mabry, a 10-year-old Alaska Native girl who helps her parents run the Denali Trading Post in the fictional town of Qyah, Alaska. The show will follow Molly and her friends on their Alaska adventures.

Molly of Denali will bring Alaska Native voices into all aspects of the production–on and off camera. WGBH public broadcaster, the largest producer of PBS for the web and television, and animation partner Atomic Comics will host Alaska Native interns for production and animation rolls. The show will also have Alaska Native script writers as well as an University of Alaska Southeast professor, author and Juneau resident, X’unei Lance Twitchell as a language adviser for the program.

“Molly of Denali showcases values paramount to all Alaskan Native cultures,” said Princess Daazhraii Johnson, creative producer of the series. “These values will be woven into each storyline and provide important learning moments. I’m especially excited that Alaska Native children will get to see themselves in Molly, who’s such an inspiring role model for all kids. The project’s Alaska Native advisors worked hard to ensure that our children will get to see our beautiful cultures in a respectful light.”

The show is designed for ages 4-8, and will feature Alaska Native languages, interactive games, and video content of real-world activities to develop knowledge and skills for interacting with everyone.

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by Tiana Taylor

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