Alaskans Work Together to Help Flatten the Curve

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched the lives of every American. Never have we seen mass closures, furloughed employees, and record unemployment rates. These truly are unprecedented and uncertain times. However, in the wake of this global pandemic, we also have witnessed the very best in people.

Alaskans are resilient, resourceful, and have adapted to change. Southcentral Foundation has made many changes and since COVID-19 reached the U.S. to keep customer-owners and employees safe. From telemedicine, curbside pharmacy service, and emergency dental care, SCF is continuing to provide essential services through modified service delivery. Social distancing, self-isolation, frequent hand-washing, and good hygiene remain critical components in the fight against COVID-19.

While the pandemic is still active around the world and close to home, working together to flatten the curve has been something Alaskans have embraced. These collaborations can be seen by the groups of people who have come together to make and donate masks and personal protection equipment, multi-hospital supported testing stations, daily briefings by local, state, and federal leaders, and the list goes on. The impacts of educating the community, treating symptoms, and making decisions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be felt across the state. Kudos to Alaskans for stepping up, working together, and taking action. These sentiments are shared by leaders across the state.

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