Bringing Southcentral Foundation’s system of care to others

The Southcentral Foundation’s NUKA System of Care (Nuka) has been garnering attention from the rest of the United States. It focuses on working with the community to make them healthier and has been for more than 30 years.

Casey Cooper, CEO of Cherokee Indian Hospital, says this system is the wave of the future. Cooper said he was sold and took the Nuka system back home and redesigned their clinic space and processes. The hospital also changed its culture to be more relationship-based due to the quality of care people receive. Not only that, but the system decreases costs for its patients through that relationship and engagement.

Starting June 22, the SCF will have it’s annual Nuka Conference to help inform other healthcare providers and help them implement it elsewhere in the rest of the country. Tickets are available at the Nuka Conference website.

To view the interview, click here.

-KTVA Daybreak Staff

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