Working and attending school full-time, or even part-time, can be exhausting. To encourage success, Southcentral Foundation has the education assistance program that provides support to employees who are continuing their training and education in a field related to the continued success of SCF.

Each year, Southcentral Foundation holds a motorcycle prayer walk. On Sept. 4 SCF leadership, employees, customer-owners, and community members attended the fourth annual prayer walk on the Alaska Native Health Campus.

With one swoop of oversized scissors, Southcentral Foundation’s Board of Directors Chairman James Segura symbolically opened the newest building on the Alaska Native Health Campus: the Dr. Katherine and Dr. Kevin Gottlieb Building.

In August, SCF, Knik, and Chikaloon, which is the Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center Joint Operating Board, welcomed a new audiologist to its team of providers and to Alaska.

SCF hosted the 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference in June on SCF’s campus in Anchorage.

SCF congratulates Senior Medical Director of Quality Assurance Dr. Donna Galbreath on receiving the Alaska Federation of Natives’ President’s Award!

In the Native Community, Elders show us the way and remind us we are a reflection of our family. We honor and respect our Elders, who share their wisdom and knowledge of our traditional values and culture.

Southcentral Foundation is in tune with 2018 Needs Assessment

Ashley Schroeder is a health educator at Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center. Women’s health is a passion for her and a subject close to her heart.

When tragedy strikes, the additional financial burden can sometimes be too much to bear. Southcentral Foundation’s Employee and Community Assistance Fund was established to help pick up the pieces during the troubling times.