Have you ever been curious about what Southcentral Foundation Research does? This information is now available on southcentralfoundation.com, where you can find updates on projects, learn about opportunities to join studies, and find helpful resources. The Research webpage includes four parts: introductions to research employees, descriptions of current studies and status updates, a list of publications with links to full articles, and information about SCF’s Tribal Review Process.

As a customer-owner, you may wonder why this information is important.

All studies conducted at SCF have two primary goals:

• Investigate health concerns that customer-owners express to SCF’s Board of Directors.
• Help improve overall health for Alaska Natives and American Indians.

As customer-owners, your opinions matter. Your participation helps inform SCF research projects, provides data, and shapes the Nuka System of Care.

“We have consistently heard that people in the Alaska Native and American Indian Community want to know what kind of research is going on and what is being found,” SCF Director of Research Denise Dillard said. “We have struggled to find ways to most effectively communicate to the 65,000 customer-owners SCF serves. So I am excited to have the website available so we can try to do a better job of getting the word out.”

For more information on research project findings or to enroll in a research project, please call SCF Research at (907) 729-8623 or go click here. You can also stop by their booth at the 20th Annual Gathering on Saturday, February 4th at the Egan Center in Anchorage.


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