Elder Program Hosts the Largest Potluck of the Year

SCF Board Member Charles Akers visits with potluck attendees.

Elder Program participants welcomed the 2019 fall season with a potluck. The Elder Fall Harvest Potluck, hosted by Southcentral Foundation’s Elder Program, served lunch to over 400 Elders at the end of September. The annual event, held at ChangePoint Church, provided a venue to visit, an opportunity to share traditional and favorite foods, and a space to dance to live music.

The growing health fair that coincides with the Elder Fall Harvest Potluck had more than 15 SCF departments that shared health information and services available to customer-owners. There were also Alaska Native artists showing and selling their artwork.

Elder Program participants who attended the potluck received a welcome gift and the opportunity to win door prizes. Elder Program Manager Chris Klabunde mentioned, “Elders from every region of the state gather to share, socialize, learn, and dance. Customer-owners who might not see each other all year, make it a point to meet at this event.”

Attendees shared that they felt so blessed to have an event like the Elder Fall Harvest Potluck and they truly felt welcome when they arrived.

While the Elder Fall Harvest Potluck is the largest potluck hosted by the Elder Program, monthly potlucks are also held at the Elder Program located at 6901 E. Tudor Road, Suite 8.

For more information about potlucks and other activities for Elder customer-owners, call the Elder Program at (907) 729-6500.

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