Ensure the SCF Wellness Journey is Preserved — Be Insured!

Three generations of SCF customer-owners at Anchorage Native Primary Care Center.

Ramona Godsby has been receiving services at Southcentral Foundation for several years. She had been declining the insurance coverage offered through her employer, before she enrolled in medical benefits and shared her insurance information with SCF.

“I’m a beneficiary, my health care is provided through ANMC and I don’t have to pay for it,” Godsby said. “I never understood there was any reason to accept the insurance benefits that were offered.”

The SCF Revenue Cycle Department aims to partner with customer-owners to help them understand why revenues from third-party private insurance are important to customer-owners. Revenues make it possible to provide world-class health care and programs like the Traditional Healing Clinic, Elder Program, RAISE Intern Program, and Family Wellness Warriors Initiative. Third-party revenue also allows customer-owners to have same day access to primary care and integrated care teams.

As cuts to the state’s Medicaid program continue, SCF must improve other revenue streams, like private insurance, to ensure quality, sustainable health care for Alaska Native people. By enrolling in your employer’s available insurance benefits and providing that information to SCF, you are partnering to preserve the health of Alaska Native people.

“Providing the very best care is our top priority,” said SCF President/CEO Katherine Gottlieb. “The journey to wellness is truly a partnership. Third-party revenue has allowed SCF to expand services to meet the needs of the Alaska Native Community. Maintaining a sound financial structure will help us continue to provide high-quality services for future generations.”

Open enrollment for benefits occurs during November and December. Beginning in mid-October, the SCF Revenue Cycle team focuses on providing a better understanding of third-party private insurers to customer-owners and how insurance revenues help shape health care and contribute to sustaining SCF’s financial performance.

For more information, visit the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center to learn how you can partner with SCF to preserve the health of Alaska Native people.

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