FWWI Offers Trainings and Learning Circle Opportunities

Southcentral Foundation Family Wellness Warriors Initiative (FWWI) relocated into the Nuka Learning and Wellness Center on the Alaska Native Health Campus this past spring. Since then, FWWI has hosted learning circles including Wellness Matters Night every Thursday. In addition, Advanced Leadership Education and Training (ALET) and the 12th annual Palmer Correctional Center Transformational Living Community (TLC) Arrigah House is held weekly.

At the Palmer Correctional Center Arrigah House, men are taught what healthy anger looks like, the importance of empathy, what it looks like to use their strength to protect, and are provided tools for healthy relationships and wellness.

“What I received most from the training was a strong compassion and empathy for those who have harmed me and others, a great desire to not harm others in any way, and a deep appreciation for people, our thoughts, emotions and words,” a participant shared.

Another group member expressed, “I want this program to be taught to the entire world!” FWWI is excited for the coming year and looks forward to expanding its impact across Alaska with new partnerships in communities such as Kotzebue, St. Paul and McGrath.

Applications for November’s Beauty for Ashes training are being accepted. Register today by contacting FWWI at (907) 729-5440 to apply or visit www.fwwi.org.

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