Honoring Frontline Workers

Sharing has looked a little different during this challenging time, but the Alaska Native Community has continually found new ways to uphold its values by sharing support, love, and gratitude. Southcentral Foundation takes pride in being an integral part of the everyday lives of customer-owners and our employees but would also like to recognize the individuals who make it possible to stay safe, healthy, and connected. SCF honors the capability, strength, and sacrifice of our frontline employees, not only throughout SCF, but across the community. These doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrative employees, and other supporting employees are not only essential workers, but alsomothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, extended relatives, and friends. We want to thank the families of frontline employees for sharing your loved ones with us and being their continual support systems throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Their service and care under the current circumstances is unprecedented and received with so much gratitude by all of us at SCF. Take a moment to thank a frontline employee in your life today!

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