Honoring the Legacy of Ahtna’s First President Robert Marshall

The late Robert Marshall.

Southcentral Foundation joins the Ahtna people and many others across the state in mourning the loss of Ahtna Incorporated’s first president – Mr. Robert Marshall. The beloved leader and Elder passed away on March 31 in Tazlina, Alaska. He was 96 years old.

Mr. Marshall served his people in many capacities and was instrumental in the formation of Ahtna, Inc. and the Copper River Native Association. CRNA’s newest building has been named the Robert Marshall Building in honor of his many contributions. Additionally, he served with the Alaska Federation of Natives, RurAL CAP, and the Native Village of Tazlina. He retired after 40 years of service with the Alaska Department of Transportation. In 2013, he was awarded the prestigious AFN Elder of the Year Award which exemplifies the highest of values and qualities important to Native people.

His traditional name, Kensal canan, means leader man comes back with a boat, and highlights his leadership abilities. Mr. Marshall’s contributions to the Ahtna people lives on through the cultural and traditional knowledge he proudly shared. He often spoke of his wish that traditional Ahtna practices and protocol be followed correctly and passed on to the next generation. He commonly ended his speeches by recognizing the potential of the younger generations and encouraging them to step up and be leaders for the good of the Ahtna people.

by Public Relations Department

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