It Takes a Village to Complete a Research Study

Southcentral Foundation CMA, Denmark Abaya, supportively partners with SCF Research to bring studies to life.

Organizational partnerships are strengths of Southcentral Foundation. The research department has been fortunate to collaborate with customer-owners, Tribal leadership, SCF departments, and clinical services at the SCF’s primary care centers. SCF Research thrives on these collaborations because they fuel the data that brings research studies to life. Take certified medical assistants, for example: CMAs are critical to the collection of samples (like urine and blood) and data for the research department. Their expertise and involvement has already assisted with multiple studies conducted by SCF Research.

SCF CMAs build relationships with customer-owners. Taking time to establish comfort and trust is what makes CMAs so effective at engaging customer-owners in research studies; they feel safe and cared for.

One such CMA is Denmark Abaya, who has been with SCF for ten years. As an immigrant, Abaya is no stranger to building new relationships. He came to Alaska from the Philippines as a child, and attended Chinook Elementary School where his interest in science first bloomed, “I was always interested in biology; it turns out I was good at it!”

Now, as a CMA, Abaya’s easy-going character and consistent engagement is highly valued by those in the research department, but more importantly, by customer-owners. He always puts the customer-owner first and provides high-quality care when assisting with study visits.

Hard-working individuals like Abaya make a big difference across the organization and strengthen collaborations between departments. The research department is thankful for the services of the CMAs that help deliver SCF’s mission and vision.

by SCF ANPCC 2 East CMAs and Research

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