What is myANMC?

myANMC is an online health management tool for customer-owners provided by Cerner® and the Alaska Native Medical Center.

Why are we encouraging customer-owners to sign-up?

myANMC will allow the customer-owner greater access to their limited health record and their health care team.

Who do I ask if I have questions regarding myANMC?

If you are a customer-owner and had a question regarding your health information, please contact your primary care provider.

For password issues, please call toll free (877) 621-8014 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


Is customer-owner information secure in myANMC?

Yes. myANMC is a product of Cerner®, is HIPAA compliant and provides the customer-owner with the ability to securely view, store and share their health information.


Which clinics are participating in myANMC?

  • As of October 2013 the following clinics and providers are participating in communicating with customer-owners via myANMC:
  • ANMC specialty clinics: Complimentary Medicine, Health Education, Home Based Services, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN and Pediatrics.
  • Anchorage Native Primary Care Center
  • Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center
  • McGrath Regional Health Center
  • Nilavena Subregional Clinic


Can participating customer-owners register their children?

Yes, parents and legal guardians of minors ages 0-12 may now sign up for a myANMC account to access their child’s limited health record.

How does a customer-owner register for myANMC?

Department staff and/or Central Registration may register customer-owners for a myANMC account. The customer-owner will be asked to provide self-identifying information to request the account. The customer-owner will then need to log into their personal email to verify the account. Once the account is verified, the customer-owner will have access to myANMC.

Can a customer-owner decline registering for myANMC?

Participation in myANMC is voluntary. Any customer-owner can decline to participate in enrolling for a myANMC account.

What information will the front desk or provider team need to help me register for a myANMC account?

The customer-owner will need to provide:

  • Personal Email address
  • Self-identifying answer; choice of:
    • Zip Code
    • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
    • Year Graduated from High School

Can a customer-owner update personal information through myANMC?

Yes. If Central Registration needs more documentation, they will send a secure message.


What can I access on myANMC?

Customer-owners will have access to:

  • Request an Appointment. Request an appointment with their primary care team or provider.
  • Secure Messaging. The ability to securely send messages to their primary care team or provider.

Which customer-owners will be able to have access to myANMC?

Customer owners over the age of 18 or parents and legal guardians of minors ages 0-12 may now sign up for a myANMC account.

How does a customer-owner access myANMC?

Once a customer-owner has been registered and verified the account through the email, they can access myANMC anywhere they have access to the internet – home, work, school, the library, etc.

Minors aged 13–17 are allowed to sign up for their own myANMC account. Minors can grant permission to their parent or legal guardian to have access to their myANMC account. Parents are still able obtain their child’s health information through the Medical Records Office.


What labs are available in myANMC?

myANMC displays limited lab results. Sensitive labs, such as STD and genetic testing have been removed from the customer-owner view.

Are customer-owner labs available immediately in myANMC?

No, customer-owner labs are not available immediately after resulting. They are released to the customer-owner’s myANMC portal 72 hours after resulting; allowing time for the provider team to respond appropriately, if needed.

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Using myANMC
Find out how to schedule appointments, check messages, view your medical record and more.

Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Contact Information
For a complete copy of your personal medical record or questions, please call medical records at (907) 729-3019.

For password issues, please call toll free (877) 621-8014 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

If you have medication refills available and would like them mailed to you through ANMC’s Refill Hotline, please call (907) 729-2117.