Native Men’s Wellness Program Sustainability – Fleet Maintenance for SCF Vehicles

Southcentral Foundation Native Men’s Wellness Program is working to become self-sustaining. Participants are taking online classes to train to maintain SCF’s fleet of vehicles by changing oil and tires.

In 2014, Southcentral Foundation Native Men’s Wellness Program was established to help Native men in their journey to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The program supports men who are changing their circumstances by embracing a new level of accountability, which is determined and set by individual participants.

NMWP is working to become self-sustaining and will continue its work to change the lives of men in the Native Community.

“Since the program started, a total of 172 Alaska Native men have participated in the program; this exceeds ANA grant goals of reaching a total of 160 participants in year four of the grant,” said NMWP manager David Farve.

NMWP has explored ways to become self-sustaining while continuing to support SCF’s Corporate Goals. One way is to maintain the SCF fleet of vehicles. Doing so would allow participants to learn how to do the work and support them in achieving full-time employment once their internship is concluded. Maintenance will include oil changes and tire changeovers and will help reduce costs associated to fleet maintenance for many of SCF programs.

This winter, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation awarded NMWP a $25,000 grant to purchase automotive maintenance equipment.

NMWP participants could become certified with nationally recognized associations to change the oil and tires of SCF’s fleet of vehicles. Participants could take either the Automotive Oil Change Association or Tire Industry Association online courses and prove their learning in the NMWP shop for certification. SCF is a member of both associations.

In total, seven participants have been certified to change oil and tires in the last year. Two have gone on to gain their Automotive Service Excellence certification and are fully employed elsewhere.

“I didn’t think I would make it through the training to become certified to change oil and tires,” said one NMWP participant. “The Native Men’s Wellness Program employees had faith in me finishing and passing, with their help I am certified and now have a full-time job.”

If the fleet maintenance program is successful, the program will be expanded and opened to the public for oil changes and tire changeovers. Watch for more information as the program continues to help men reach employment goals, embrace healthy living, and become contributing community members and leaders.

For more information about the Native Men’s Wellness Program, call (907) 729-5208.

by Connie Irrigoo

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