Health care information shouldn’t be hard to access; with My AK Wellness, it’s easy. Smartphones keep a variety of essential resources close at hand: camera, maps, shopping, email, and more; Southcentral Foundation wants to put health care within reach too.

My AK Wellness, an online fitness and wellness resource, was designed to help customer-owners achieve their health and wellness goals. The tool is free and available to those ages 18 and older.
The confidential website provides resources that provide customer-owners with the ability to:

• Track your food and exercise.
• Log health information such as weight, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol.
• Sync your activity tracker (e.g., Garmin or Fitbit) and upload achievements
• Participate in wellness contests to win prizes.
• Create personalized meal plans with shopping lists.
• Help create work-out routines (complete with exercise videos).
• and more!

SCF understands that one health plan does not fit everyone’s needs, which is why My AK Wellness is personalized for each customer-owner. The full My AK Wellness experience comes when a participant completes the personal health assessment (PHA), which is a survey that asks questions about health, nutrition, exercise, emotions/stress, and more. After completing the PHA, the program will provide resources specific to the individual participant’s needs, allow them to browse through meal plans, including diabetic and vegetarian plans, view health risks, and make a plan to address them.

My AK Wellness doesn’t just provide information, it receives it too! Customers can engage in two-way conversations with a health coach or dietitian. When you are on your wellness journey and have questions or concerns, you can message them directly. A health coach specializes in health education and disease prevention but does not replace your primary care provider, instead, they become a part of your primary care team.

For questions about My AK Wellness, please contact SCF Health Education at (907) 729-2689. To gain access to tools that promote healthy living go to

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