Newly Renovated Facility to Better Serve SCF Elder Program Participants

Interior Design Services and 3D rendering provided by AA-K Business Environments.

Beautiful laminate floors, an arctic entry, and additional space are the most obvious changes stemming from the renovation of Southcentral Foundation’s Elder Program. The Elder Program space is inviting and the air is filled with excitement as Elder customer-owners returned to the newly renovated space. The space also boasts improvements including an additional restroom, full exam and consult rooms, and a corner nook that can be used for reading or a quiet space. SCF customer-owners shared their desires and needs regarding the health care provided to them during SCF’s 2018 Needs Assessment. An outcome identified was the need for improvements to the Elder Program facility and services. The renovations will help Elder customer-owners achieve healthy lifestyles, support behavioral and emotional health, and foster healthy relationships with families and communities.

“This renovation is one of many steps that SCF’s has recently taken to accomplish our corporate commitment to quality. The remodeled space expands our ability to provide medical consultations and behavioral health advocacy within the Elder Program. This is an exciting improvement that will allow us to provide expanded services and serve more elder customer-owners daily,” said Chris Koski, administrator of SCF’s Executive and Tribal Services.

The Elder Program remodel was completed two months ahead of schedule, allowing participants to return to the permanent location on May 13. Those participating in the Elder Program now belong to the only center in the country focused on serving Alaskan Native and American Indian people that offers wrap-around services in a single location. Prior to the renovation, steps had been taken to achieve whole-person care within the program — including the Elder dental program, a nurse’s clinic, and support services from Elder providers and health educators. The addition of a fully-equipped exam room and consult room elevated the program to a world-class resource for Elder customer-owners living in the Anchorage area.

The Elder Program supports participants by providing a safe space to visit with friends, nutritious meals five days a week, group activities, transportation options, subsistence opportunities, health education, on-site exercise classes, dental services, shopping activities, and more. SCF’s Elder Program has steadily grown since its inception in 1995. The use of the program’s transportation services has increased over the last few years by an impressive 20% annually, providing 23,000 rides in the last 12 months — 12,000 of which were for medical appointments. Additionally, over the last four years, the number of customer-owners who receive a daily meal at the Elder Program increased by 26%, which translates into 32,000 meals served in the last 12 months. The larger space will allow for additional seats during lunch service, along with a larger area for Health Education led exercise activities, cultural and traditional activities, and a seemingly endless dance floor to use during the monthly potlucks and celebrations.

For more information about the Elder Program and available services, call (907) 729-6500.

by Tara Carey

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