CDC’s Coronavirus Self-Checker Bot

The CDC just released an online Coronavirus Self-Checker bot named Clara; a resource for individuals deciding whether to seek medical care. Through a series of questions regarding symptoms, pre-existing conditions, and contacts, Clara can make recommendations on how to proceed.

Click the button below to be taken to the CDC’s page

Taking precautions against this infection is essential. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends you wash your hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue (then throw the tissue in the trash), avoid touching any part of your face with unwashed hands, and stay at home if you are sick.

COVID-19 symptoms include cough, fever, and shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. If you are experiencing any kind of respiratory trouble, call your health care provider before coming to Southcentral Foundation or the Alaska Native Medical Center so that phone screening can take place in an effort to minimize transmission of illness. In the case of a medical emergency, do not hesitate to visit the Emergency Department at the Alaska Native Medical Center.

Helpful Videos

Elder Program | Public Service Announcement

Elders are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19. Southcentral Foundation encourages everyone to reach out to the Elders in your family and neighborhood.

Self Havening

Learn about Self Havening with KJ Worbey, Clinical Director of Employee and Community Support

Southcentral Foundation Program Status


(907) 729-2000 – Anchorage, (907) 631-7690 VNPCC

  • Anchorage and Matanuska-Susitna Borough dental operations limited to urgent and emergent dental issues until further notice.
Soldier’s Heart

(907) 729-6671

  • Training suspended. Soldier’s Heart employees are available by phone.

(907) 729-5015

  • RAISE student activities are suspended.
Elder Program

(907) 729-6500

  • All Elder gathering and in-person activities have been suspended. Medical transports available and Elder resource specialists are available by phone.
Traditional Healing

(907) 729-4958

  • Appointments have been canceled.
Massage Therapy/Chiropractic

(907) 729-4320

  • Service delivery for acute injury and pain only.

(907) 729-4320

  • Services are suspended.

(907) 729-8844 – ASI Audiology, (907) 729-3303 – ANPCC Audiology, (907) 631-7640 – VNPCC Audiology

  • Acute services only
  • Anchorage Native Primary Care Center location closed.

(907) 729-6690

  • Open
Health Education

(907) 729-2689

  • Community events and learning circles are suspended.
Physical Therapy and Exercise (PT&E)

(907) 729-6683

  • SCF Gym closed to employees.  Gym now scheduled by appointment for one-on-one sessions. 

(907) 729-8500, (907) 631-7640 VNPCC 

  • Change to service delivery and will provide only urgent and emergent care only.
Pediatrics Specialty Outpatient

(907) 729-5410

  • Open

(907) 729-4172

  • Open

(907) 729-2299

  • Open
Fast Track

(907) 729-1784

  • Open

(907) 729-3100

  • Open
Child and Family Services

(907) 729-8880

  • Open
Primary Care

(907) 729-3300


(907) 631-7800

  • Open
Brother Francis

(907) 277-1731

  • Open
Convent House 
  • Open
Quyana Club House Clinic

(907) 729-6550

  • Open
HIV Support

(907) 729-3300

  • Open
Alaska Cares

(907) 212-3600

  • Open
Home Visiting Team 

(907) 729-2490

  • Service delivery via phone and virtual delivery.

(907) 729-2490

  • Service delivery via phone and virtual delivery.
Waiver Care

(907) 729-6365

  • Service delivery via phone and virtual delivery. 
Outpatient Services in Fireweed Clinic, Child and Family Developmental Clinic and VNPCC Behavioral Health
  • In person visits will only be for high-risk customer-owners.
  • Services are being delivered via phone.
  • New customer-owners served via phone.
  • Learning circles suspended
Four Directions

(907) 729-6300

  • Clinicians will establish a new plan with each individual customer-owner that can be delivered by phone 3-5 times weekly.
  • In person visits will only be for high risk customer-owners.
  • Learning circles suspended
Intensive Case Management 
  • Change in service delivery:  Services delivered by phone
  • In person services with customer owners only by exception and in limited situations.
Support Services

(907) 729-5260

  • Willas Way:  Change in service delivery: Please call ahead
  • Denaa Yeets’: Change in service delivery:  Please call ahead 
  • Learning circles suspended
Quyana Clubhouse

(907) 729-6550

  • Open
Behavioral Urgent Response Team 
  • Open 
Dena A Coy

(907) 729-5070

  • Residential program is operational. 
The Pathway Home

(907) 729-5020

  • Residential program is operational.   
Family Wellness Warriors Initiative

(907) 729-5440

  • Learning circles suspended (Anchorage and Valley)
  • Family Matters night will work to provide meals for those in need but no gathering.
  • Beauty for Ashes Conference for April 2020 will be rescheduled.