Nurse Consult Clinic at the Elder Program

Cynthia Fountain, a RN case manager, works the Elder Program Nurses Clinic every Tuesday.

Every Tuesday Elders have the opportunity to use the Nurse Consult Clinic at the SCF Elder Program where they can have their symptoms triaged, get referrals to other clinics, or get their numbers checked; which includes temperature, blood pressure, and weight, with blood glucose coming soon. The clinic opened in April and is open every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Elders can schedule an appointment or walk-in as available.

The Nurse Consult Clinic is staffed by Cynthia Fountain, a RN case manager, who also works at the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center as a home visiting nurse. She dedicates her Tuesdays to serve those who attend the Elder Program. Fountain has worked at SCF for 14 years. She finds her work very rewarding and feels that the Elders that participate with the weekly screening see great benefits.

Fountain expressed, “the Elder Program Nurse Consult Clinic has the potential to close the gap with the Elder and provider.”

Since the opening of the clinic, Elder Vivian Taylor and her husband Warren have embraced the option. Vivian encourages others to use the clinic. She expressed how important it is to keep track of her own health numbers, and that the regular blood pressure and pulse checks help her and her providers detect any variation.

Vivian said, “When needed, I have been able to get referrals to other clinics or specialists while at the Nurse Consult Clinic. This saved me a lot of time and I usually get in much sooner than I would have otherwise.”

The Taylors visit the Elder program several times a week to have lunch, visit with friends, and participate in some of the healthy activities facilitated by Elder Program or Health Education. They like that they can pop over to the Nurse Consult Clinic on Tuesdays, a day they participate in the Cultures and Traditions activity, and get seen without waiting too long or maneuvering through large medical buildings.

“The clinic at the Elder Program is not only convenient for those that attend the Elder Program, but it can empower Elders with information about their health, so they can then make informed decisions about what direction they go with their health care,” said Vivian Taylor.

For more information about the Nurses Clinic at the Elder Program call (907) 729-6500.

by Tara Carey

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