Pilot Program for Tribal Doctors Going Strong

SCF’s Pilot Tribal Doctor Training Program participants are proud to be SCF! Left to right: Natalee Kline, Haily Olson, Kay Wallis, Colleen Anagick, Sarah Smith, SCF President/CEO Dr. Katherine Gottlieb, Rose Garcia, Tikaan Galbreath, Heather Beltz, Jolene Torsen, Angela Michaud, and Buz Daney (not pictured: Aurora Osbourne).

Sept. 30 marks the end of the first phase of Southcentral Foundation’s Tribal Doctor Training Pilot Program, and the beginning of a lifelong journey for the seven participants. In August, Alaska Native SCF employees were invited to apply for the opportunity to train with SCF’s Tribal Doctor, Sarah Smith. Recognizing the need to retain the sacred and cultural knowledge held by Tribal doctors, SCF leadership created the training program to begin the process of capturing this knowledge and sharing it with the next generation. In September, participants began their journey by being introduced to an overview of the work that occurs in the Traditional Healing Clinic, traditional methods and protocols associated with specific organs, approaches to whole-body wellness, and traditional ways of knowing. Participants will continue their learning over the next two years, with the hope that some will continue to walk the path and one day become a Tribal doctor serving the Alaska Native people.

by SCF Public Relations

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  1. Amber Handsaker
    Amber Handsaker says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Good afternoon, I am interested in your program and what it consist of. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Amber Handsaker


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