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Customer-Owners at Home

It is a shared responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic to hunker down and practice social distancing. Southcentral Foundation is committed to the health and wellness of customer-owners and some services have been adapted to support the hunker down mandate. To support customerowners, SCF is working to make as many services available as possible.

Individuals who are in need of a medication refill can choose to have their medications mailed directly to their home, rather than pick them up at the pharmacy, for at risk individuals curbside pick-up is also available. For medication mail-out, call one week ahead in the Anchorage area, for rural clinic refills, call three weeks ahead.

During this time of uncertainty, many people may have feelings of anxiety. Learn about stress management from KJ Worbey, clinical director of Employee and Community Support. Videos providing different coping techniques such as self-havening and visualization are available on the SCF website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

SCF’s Soldier’s Heart program is continuing to help combat veterans and first responders understand and address the effects of post-traumatic stress, and provide information, tools, and methods to help cope with symptoms. Soldier’s Heart learning circles are now being held virtually. Combat veterans, first responders, and law enforcement can practice social distancing while remaining connected. Contact Soldier’s Heart at (907) 729-6671 for more information.

For customer-owners looking to quit tobacco during this time, the Quit Tobacco Program is available to support in this transition. Services are available via telehealth, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To participate, first contact your primary care team for a referral. For more information about the Quit Tobacco Program call (907) 729-2689.

In this time of uncertainty, when health and wellness are at the forefront of people’s minds, SCF would also like to remind customer-owners of another resource available. My AK Wellness is a free website and mobile app that not only tracks exercise and food intake, but also provides information about nutrition, health articles, and much more. This app also allows users to find new recipes and workouts while participating in wellness contests to win prizes if they choose. To sign up for My AK Wellness, visit

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