SCF Celebrates National Dental Assistant Recognition Week

National Dental Assistant Week was established by the American Dental Association in 1976 to acknowledge the skills and contributions of dental assistants.  SCF greatly appreciates what our dental assistants do for our customer-owners and dental employees.  They are the unsung heroes of the dental profession; please take a moment to thank a dental assistant.

Dental assistants are the first to greet customer-owners with a friendly smile when they are brought into the dental clinic. Assistants prepare the rooms for procedures, take radiographs, and maintain infection control in the clinic. Dental assistants work with people of all ages from pediatric children to Elders.  They assist with every procedure completed in the dental clinic.

Dental assistants must have excellent customer service skills, pay attention to detail, and be compassionate and caring, all while maintaining a busy clinic schedule.  A dental assistant will ease your fears, hold your hand, and offer words of encouragement.

We have 98 dental assistants on staff throughout the SCF Dental clinics, 10 dental assistants in-training, and all of them are Alaska Native or American Indian.

It is safe to say that the dental assisting employees are amazing. At your next dental visit, thank your dental assistant for all of their hard work!

Virginia L. is one of the 98 current SCF dental assistants.

Dental assistant students in class at SCF.

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