SCF Employees Take Part in Elder Day of Caring

SCF employees huddle before heading out to assist Elder customer-owners with cleaning and organizing.

Southcentral Foundation employees enjoy helping others, as showcased during the Elder Program’s annual Day of Caring event. Each year, many SCF employees spend their workday assisting Elder customer-owners in taking care of household tasks. SCF employees sweep, dust, wash dishes, rake, and clean yards — which are just a few of the many ways SCF employees honor and care for Elder customer-owners.

“The Day of Caring focuses on helping Elder Program participants complete household projects that may be difficult or impossible for them to do unassisted. The event taps into employees’ desire and willingness to help others. The result is a day where employees are able to improve the life of others with a little elbow grease, a few hours, and a smile,” said Aaron Osterback, Elder Program supervisor.

On an overcast Friday in early May, 40 SCF employees helped Elder Program participants throughout Anchorage with their spring cleaning. As expected, many of the employees who participated in the Day of Caring event were repeat helpers, along with a handful of new faces — who were all genuinely appreciated by the recipients of their good deeds. This year, a total of 14 Elders received the extra help with their chore list.

Tyler Young, an SCF employee who helped with the Elder Day of Caring shared, “I am grateful that we have the opportunity as SCF employees to help our Elder customer-owners and give back to our community. The Elder customer-owners who we helped were appreciative and that is something that contributes to my own wellness.”

“The team was friendly and made me feel good by talking to me. Thank you so, so much for including me in the Day of Caring,” said an Elder participant. Another Elder summed up their experience by saying, “You’re the most wonderful people in the world. God bless!”

For more information about how you can donate or to volunteer at the Elder Program, call (907) 729-6500.

by Tara Carey

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