SCF Introduces Inaugural Partnership Award

Award recipient Valerie Davidson

A journey is seldom walked alone, and some of the most challenging accomplishments are achieved in collaboration. Southcentral Foundation will honor these accomplishments at the 22nd Annual Gathering with the new SCF Partnership Award. Each year, two partners will be recognized for their contributions toward creating a healthy community in partnership with SCF. Community can be friends with common interests; family, coworkers, or neighbors — community is wherever connections and partnership are found.

At SCF, community is created by working toward a shared vision — a Native Community that enjoys physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. At the heart of the community are relationships. No matter the relationship; whether it is between a provider and a customer-owner, two coworkers, or two organizations; SCF believes healthy relationships build healthy communities.

Collaborating to meet community challenges requires courage, consistency, and time. SCF’s Partnership Awards honors businesses, nonprofits, state and federal agencies, and community projects that have demonstrated a clear commitment to supporting those in need and creating healthy communities. Award recipients have risen above the boundaries of their organizations to collaborate and create a shared vision for how to collectively create change around one or more issues faced by our communities. Their commitment to achieving the desired change has been validated through consistent, constructive communication; adherence to the agreed upon processes; and measuring the impact through shared measurements — all of which support progress toward achieving the shared vision.

SCF honors two partners annually with an SCF drum. The drum brings people together and connects the heartbeat of those within its range. SCF continues the tradition by gifting the drum to community partners in recognition of their contribution to the health of the Alaska Native community.

Healthy communities cultivate healthy families, and at SCF, families are the hub of the system. This year’s Annual Gathering theme is a Commitment to Quality for our Children’s Children. By celebrating those who help address the biggest health priorities of the Alaska Native community, SCF hopes to highlight the best practices that will ensure quality services and a healthy community for years to come.

Southcentral Foundation is honored and privileged to announce Rasmuson Foundation as a recipient of the inaugural SCF Partnership Award. The long-term partnership with Rasmuson Foundation has helped build and improve Southcentral Foundation’s capacity to pursue the vision of a Native Community that enjoys physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Rasmuson Foundation’s depth of impact and influence across Alaska would not be possible without their sustainable grantmaking philosophy: the Foundation acts as a catalyst for change; helps Alaskans help themselves; and embraces the diversity within Alaska.

Rasmuson Foundation has awarded Southcentral Foundation millions of dollars in funding through grants which has contributed to countless Southcentral Foundation projects that support innovative health care and related services. Several important community-based initiatives have benefited from Rasmuson Foundation’s support, including a transformational program to help pregnant women break the cycle of addiction, a residential treatment center for young men with emotional and mental health disorders, and programs to assist low-income Elders, infants, and those with persistent mental illness. Through participation in Rasmuson Foundation’s famed Grantmakers Tour of Alaska, Southcentral Foundation has had the opportunity to expand its network of outside funders.

Southcentral Foundation is honored and privileged to announce former Alaska Lt. Governor Valerie Nur’araaluk Davidson has been selected as a recipient of the inaugural SCF Partnership Award.

Davidson has devoted her work to helping improve health care for Alaska Native people. From her work at the Alaska Native Medical Center, to Health and Human Services commissioner, and subsequently lieutenant governor, she has promoted and protected the health and well-being of Alaskans. Davidson’s work and contributions have inspired many.

Davidson has previously served as senior director of Legal and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, and as chair of the Tribal Technical Advisory Group to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She helped veterans in rural areas gain access to health care through Tribal clinics and creating rural dental clinic programs that employ mid-level dental professionals. During her tenure as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Davidson worked diligently to expand Medicaid in Alaska. She became Alaska’s first female Alaska Native lieutenant governor in 2018.

SCF thanks Valerie Davidson for all of her work and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels on behalf of all Alaska Native people.

by Tikaan Galbreath and Sharon Leighow

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