SCF Learning Institute Delivers Presentations at National Forum for Improvement in Health Care

Southcentral Foundation’s Director of Human Resources Karen McIntire and Senior Director of Quality Improvement Dr. Steve Tierney present on SCF’s relationship-based care best practices at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s National Forum.

On December 12 – 13, Southcentral Foundation participated in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care in Orlando, FL. The forum hosted health care professionals from around the world, who held positions from front-line clinicians and clinical staff, to improvement professionals, senior management, and leadership. IHI states that the purpose of the conference is for attendees to “immerse themselves in the latest methodologies and tools, and bring back inspiration and know-how to improve health and health care.”

SCF hosted two sessions at the IHI forum. The first showcased SCF’s Nuka System of Care, allowing attendees to learn about the principles of customer-ownership and relationship-based care that SCF practices. Detail was provided on SCF’s integrated care teams and the way SCF uses data to bring improvements to the system. Attendees also learned about the improved health outcomes that the customer-designed and driven Nuka System of Care has brought to customer-owners.

The second session covered a large research project that SCF undertook to measure the effectiveness of Nuka’s relationship based system of care. SCF surveyed over 2,000 customer-owners, asking about their relationships with their providers. The project’s goal was to discover what factors influence the relationships between providers and customer-owners, and how those factors can infl uence health outcomes. Attendees learned about the results of the research, which revealed that customer-owners who reported having a relationship with their provider showed more positive health outcomes.

SCF was grateful for the opportunity to present at the IHI forum, and to share the lessons of the Nuka System of Care with professionals from health care organizations around the world.

by Matt Doogan

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