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Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute recently conducted an evaluation to judge the effectiveness of its teaching and training activities. One of the Learning Institute’s goals is to help other organizations transform their health care systems into those that reflect the values of SCF’s Nuka System of Care. The purpose of the evaluation was to understand how previous Learning Institute clients have integrated SCF’s teachings into their own health care systems. A survey was sent via email to many of the Learning Institute’s previous clients, more than 500 people from over 150 organizations around the world.

Many of the respondents elaborated on their answers. One respondent wrote “In our new health clinic, we will have physicians, dentists, lab, as well as a pharmacy. To make similar integrated care changes, we have a talking room that will allow for a nurse practitioner to see clients first, and then if needed, send them to a physician.” Another respondent wrote “We are building a new facility strongly influenced by the team spaces at Southcentral Foundation.”

Other aspects of the Learning Institute’s clients’ organizations have changed as well. One respondent wrote that their organization “Has begun to use personal narrative as a leadership tool across the organization [and are] also beginning to increase our investment in staff training and development.” Another respondent wrote, “Changed focus of new hire orientation. Made improvements in integrated care by setting clear roles/responsibilities for all members of the care team. We now focus on patient stories as we open meetings.”

The positive response garnered by the survey, as well as the testimonies about how organizations are changing their health care systems based on what they learned from SCF, are strong indicators that the values of the system of care designed and built by Alaska Native people are having a positive impact around the world.

by The Learning Institute

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