Southcentral Foundation Attends 30th Annual Quest for Excellence Conference

Committing to the journey towards a possible third Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Southcentral Foundation employees join the SCF Board of Directors and President/CEO Dr. Katherine Gottlieb on stage at the award ceremony.

Employees from Southcentral Foundation attended the 30th Annual Quest for Excellence Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The conference, hosted by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, offers an opportunity to learn improvement practices from current and previous Baldrige award winners. In addition to accepting SCF’s second Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, SCF employees attended and taught several sessions on Baldrige categories. The learning will support continued improvement for the Nuka System of Care and the customer-owner experience.

The Baldridge Program was designed to support performance excellence and drive the U.S. and global economies to be robust and dynamic by recognizing leaders in six areas: manufacturing, service, small business, education, health care, and government and nonprofit. In addition to recognizing a leader in each sector annually, Baldrige provides ongoing assessments, training, tools, and education to share best practices of national role models.
“This program is much more than recognizing successful organizations or winning a single award,” said U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at this year’s ceremony.” The organizations which are given the Baldridge Award embody the competitive spirit which drive the American economy forward.”

LaZell Hammons, nursing director of SCF’s Learning Institute, attended a session hosted by Ritz-Carlton. “I was impressed by the way Ritz-Carlton acknowledges the ways that their employees give extraordinary service,” Hammons said. “They routinely recognize employees who go above and beyond for their guests and exceed their expectations. At SCF, we’re always striving to provide good customer service, and so it was interesting to see the approaches other organizations take to reach this same goal.”
Sharon Fenn, director of organizational development and innovation, attended a session hosted by the city of Fort Collins. “Fort Collins is careful to not only incorporate feedback from their residents into their strategic plans, but also to let their residents know how their feedback is used and what specific improvements are made based on it,” Fenn said. “We’re always making improvements based on customer feedback, but this session improved my understanding of how important it is to communicate exactly how customer feedback translates into improvements at SCF.”

The Quest conference provided the opportunity to share SCF’s story of customer-driven improvement, and to learn improvement techniques from other high-performing organizations. These techniques will help SCF improve the customer experience as we walk together on this journey toward wellness.

by SCF Learning Institute

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