Southcentral Foundation Creates Powerful Software to Aid in Strategic Planning

D. Michael Lewis, a senior applications developer (Left of the board) presents the concept of the Strategic Planning Software to a team of IT employees during its initial planning process.

At Southcentral Foundation, all changes and improvements are driven by customer-owners. Customer-owner feedback is used at every level of the organization, from providing general direction for the organization, to specific suggestions about how processes and systems can improve the customer experience. Strategic planning is the process SCF utilizes to ensure feedback we receive is used effectively and the improvements are in alignment with customer-owner needs.

To assist with this process, SCF has developed the Nuka Strategic Planning Software. The software is used at many different levels of the organization to assist with the planning process. The software aligns organizational goals with department work, standardizes the planning process across SCF, and supports transparency and communication. All employees are able to see work efforts across the organization. In addition, strategic planning helps take the focus beyond the annual cycle, with support for managing things that span across many years like SCF’s corporate goals, objectives, and initiatives. SCF’s strategic planning tools have helped make many key improvements to the Nuka System of Care, including reducing wait times for appointments, implementing training programs to help providers build relationships with customer-owners, and ensuring that high standards for quality of care are maintained.

“At SCF, we have a tiered planning process that we have been managing with SCF-created software for the last 11 years,” said D. Michael Lewis, a senior application developer who worked with SCF leadership and improvement employees to build the software. He continued, “The Nuka Strategic Planning Software will provide even more functionality and flexibility.”

SCF’s Learning Institute is also making the software available to other organizations. The software’s flexibility and ability to be customized will make it a valuable resource for organizations seeking to improve their strategic planning processes.

SCF is committed to continually improving the health care system by making improvements based on customer-owner feedback, and the Nuka Strategic Planning Software is at the heart of achieving this goal.

by SCF Learning Institute

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