Southcentral Foundation  Places First in National Institutes of Health Storytelling Challenge

Southcentral Foundation received top honors from the National Institutes of Health’s Tribal Health Research Office storytelling challenge. The NIH challenged organizations to develop a digital story that communicates how heritage and tradition leads to health and wellness in Alaska Native and American Indian communities and how future research can improve the health of these communities.

SCF submitted a video demonstrating the importance of incorporating the cultural value of storytelling into health care and how direct care providers use story when interacting with customer-owners.  “Sharing story is the most important thing in driving health outcomes at the individual and population level,” said SCF Vice President of Medical Services Dr. Douglas Eby. “It’s not a nice to do thing on the side, it is the core product of what we are producing.”

Storytelling is a key component in SCF’s globally-recognized health care model. The Nuka System of Care is a relationship-based, customer-owned, whole person care approach to transforming health care, improving outcomes, and reducing costs.

The challenge, Storytelling about Health and Wellness in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities, was announced by NIH in November in recognition of Native American Heritage Month.  As the first-place winner in the storytelling challenge, SCF will be awarded $4,000 and receive an invitation to attend a meeting of the NIH Tribal Consultation Advisory Committee in Washington, DC.

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