Southcentral Foundation Provider Spotlight: Brandi Hennard

You may have seen Brandi Hennard during an appointment, while attending a class, or around the Alaska Native Health Campus. As the only senior dietitian at Southcentral Foundation, she has many roles. Hennard has been with SCF since 2004, when she fell in love with Alaska and moved from Texas. She has a passion for nutrition, stemming from childhood.

“I remember being in school and hearing my teacher talk about fats, proteins, and carbs and thinking, Oh no, my dad’s going to have a heart attack since he eats the fat on his steak! I still remember that moment so vividly, it stuck with me,” Brandi said.

As a wife and mother of two, Hennard encourages healthy eating within her family. She shares that moderation and a healthy relationship with food are very important to a healthy diet. Her weekends are family-oriented and start with a late breakfast, followed by outdoor activities. In the summer, Hennard and her family spend the weekends fishing and camping around Alaska.

Hennard is invested in children’s health and recently joined an Anchorage School District task force focused on increasing the amount of time kids have to eat lunch. This issue caught her attention when she realized that her six year old son is only given 20 minutes to eat his lunch each day. “Good nutrition is literally what keeps you alive: food and water. Twenty minutes is not enough time for growing kids,” Hennard said.

This is part of what makes Hennard special to SCF. In 2017, she received a Living Our Values Award for her commitment to wellness both inside and outside of work.

by Alyssa Sasser

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