Southcentral Foundation will be hosting the 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference at the Nuka Learning and Wellness Center from June 17 to 21. SCF looks forward to the annual conference, as it provides the opportunity to share the story of the Nuka System of Care, which was designed and built by Alaska Native people.

Health care organizations from several regions in New Zealand have worked closely with Southcentral Foundation for more than 15 years. Similarities in health disparities in Maori and Alaska Native communities, and a shared desire to redesign health care, are the foundations for the ongoing partnership.

At Southcentral Foundation, all changes and improvements are driven by customer-owners. Customer-owner feedback is used at every level of the organization, from providing general direction for the organization, to specific suggestions about how processes and systems can improve the customer experience.

From June 18 – 22, Southcentral Foundation will host the 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference. The conference provides SCF the opportunity to share the successes of our customer-owner driven health care system.

The Nuka System of Care Conference keynotes speakers are interviewed by the KTVA Daybreak Team.