The 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference

From June 18 – 22, Southcentral Foundation will host the 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference. The conference provides SCF the opportunity to share the successes of our customer-owner driven health care system. Last year’s conference was attended by health care professionals from all over Alaska, the country, and the world. Some attendees came from as far away as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Singapore to learn about the Nuka System of Care.

At the conference, attendees have the opportunity to learn about many different aspects of Nuka, including our integrated care teams, behavioral health, Family Wellness Warriors Initiative, human resource practices, improvement systems, data collection and usage, and more. The conference is preceded by a session of SCF’s Core Concepts training, which teaches the communication and relationship-building skills that have made Nuka one of the world’s leading health care systems. The conference also features a cultural night at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, where attendees can experience the rich culture of the Alaska Native community, and share elements from their own cultures as well.

This year, the conference will feature keynote speeches from Dr. Eric Green, the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, Cheryl Hankard, lead training specialist for Mamaweswen, The North Shore Tribal Council, and SCF President/CEO Dr. Katherine Gottlieb. SCF is looking forward to hosting health care professionals once again for the Nuka System of Care Conference, and hopes that attendees will take home valuable lessons from Nuka to improve their own health care systems.

by SCF Learning Institute

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