Tooth Fairy Comes to SCF

Denise and Lanae White are excited to meet the tooth fairy at SCF’s 21st Annual Gathering.

Children’s Dental Health Month is celebrated across the nation every February with a variety of activities. Southcentral Foundation celebrated with educational events in the Anchorage and Valley primary care center lobbies with customer-owner interactions. Last year, events were held weekly in Anchorage and the Valley. This year, SCF built upon the excitement with the introduction of the tooth fairy!

Keeping culture in mind, a special tooth fairy ensemble was created — complete with a shimmering kuspuk, beaded fur headdress, and beaded gloves — along with the traditional fairy wings and wand. Her visitors were given a sticker with the phrase I saw the Tooth Fairy, and each child was able to participate in submitting a name for her. After collecting entries from Anchorage and the Valley, the name decided upon was Tilly the Tooth Fairy, and she will now be a part of the larger campaign to increase dental hygiene awareness and improve oral health care in children, beginning with their first tooth.

For more information, contact SCF Dental at
(907) 729-2000 in Anchorage, or (907) 531-7690 in the Valley.

by Amanda Cantrell

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