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Family Wellness Warriors awareness campaigns and events foster community education, strengthen relationships, and support solutions by and for people impacted by trauma in Alaska. Activities include internal and external collaboration, speaking engagements, community gatherings, Elders and Youth connections, and the creation of content that highlights wellness education and advocacy across communities. Through awareness campaigns, FWW sheds light on the ways Alaska Native and Native American people are creating hope and healing.


KNBA Recap

Southcentral Foundation Family Wellness Warriors and Behavioral Services Division discussed Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness Month on KNBA 90.3. Topics included returning to our true selves through community and generational healing.

Listen to the values and stories passed down to a young girl growing up in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region. These stories highlight the Yup’ik value of raising children with positive encouragement.

Hear the story of a girl’s experience as she walked on the soft tundra with her Lakota grandfather. She remembers the Indigenous values of connecting softly with others, discovering healing on the other side of our stories, and how our own healing whispers hope and promise to the next generation.

Listen to the story of a Tlingit Elder who shares his journey of healing from addiction and how community helped him find his inner warrior.

Hear the story of an Alaska Native woman, who remembered the wisdom of her Cup’ik grandmother. Her grandmother’s words helped the young woman find hope amid her own struggles.

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