Services Pharmacy


The main award-winning pharmacy for Southcentral Foundation (SCF) customer-owners is located on the first floor of the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center (ANPCC). Beyond simply filling medication orders for you, the pharmacy provides a number of related services. These include:

  • Prescription mailings: You can choose to have your medications mailed directly to your home, rather than pick them up at the pharmacy.
  • Customer consultations: You will be able to speak with a pharmacist in person when you pick up your prescriptions. Both verbal and printed instructions are provided to you.
  • Automated refill line (in cooperation with the Alaska Native Medical Center hospital outpatient pharmacy): This allows you to obtain medication refills with maximum convenience.
  • Barcode-driven automation: Our internal pharmacy system improves safety and prevents medication errors.
  • Provider consultations: Clinic providers and nurses can consult with pharmacists at any time regarding medications.
  • Primary care clinics in ANPCC: On-site pharmacists can often fill orders during appointments at the primary care clinics.