The SCF Research department was established in 2007 to improve the health and wellness of the Native Community through high-quality health services research conducted with and for the Native Community. SCF Research addresses a wide variety of medical and behavioral health topics aligned with SCF’s wellness objectives. Topics of SCF Research studies include personalized medicine, suicide prevention, trauma, and diabetes. For more information about SCF Research studies visit the “Research Studies” tab.

SCF Research also manages the SCF Research Review process – a multi-step research review process that occurs from beginning of a project through sharing findings – to ensure research is respectful and beneficial to SCF customer-owners.

For more information about the SCF researchers visit the “Meet the Research Team” tab. In addition, there are opportunities for high school and college internships within SCF Research. High school internships are available every summer through the SCF RAISE program and college internships, when available, are posted under the SCF Job Opening page.