Federal, state, and local dignitaries along with community partners joined Southcentral Foundation for the groundbreaking on a behavioral health expansion project in Anchorage. The 100,000-square-foot facility at the corner of Elmore and Tudor roads will offer 23-hour crisis stabilization, crisis residential, expanded withdrawal management, and outpatient behavioral health services to all members of the community. The new center is anticipated to be completed in early 2026.

As we age, our health needs evolve and change with time. Nutrient requirements also shift at each stage of life. Eating healthy is a foundational component of aging well and influences a person’s ability to maintain mobility, energy, and strength.

Starting a family is one of life’s most important decisions, and can be marked by immense joy, meticulous planning, and numerous questions and concerns. Ensuring access to prenatal care is an early and vital step. The Alaska Native Medical Center provides tailored prenatal and delivery care. Southcentral Foundation co-operates the ANMC with partner organization, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.

The summer sunshine beams across the Alaska Native Health Campus, and Raise interns are full of excitement as they begin exploring and experiencing career and cultural opportunities offered at Southcentral Foundation. With the summer internship program in full swing, you will find the interns learning valuable workforce skills in departments across campus.

One of the most precious gifts in life is supporting others. Whether you are a parent, sibling, taking care of your parents, or a friend, chances are you have spent quite a bit of your time helping others. Among all that you give to others, do not forget to give your own health and wellness support, care, and attention. Being proactive about your health care allows you to stay healthy and continue to be a pillar for those most important to you.

With the summer equinox nearing, now is a great time to pause and check in on your health and wellness New Year’s resolutions. While resolutions vary, most have the same goal — to become the best version of yourself possible. Whether you set big goals on Jan. 1, or you are planning to set a mid-year resolution, Southcentral Foundation exercise physiologists, behavioral health consultants, dietitians, and others are ready to partner with you.

Every community in Alaska is impacted by substance use. All Alaskans in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough now have access to addiction treatment and recovery services that have a history of changing lives and communities for the better. At the Benteh Nuutah Four Directions Outpatient Treatment Center in Wasilla, as a result of a collaboration between Southcentral Foundation and local Tribes, the doors are open to anyone who may benefit from substance use services.

Skin cancer is one of America’s most diagnosed cancers. The good news is it is also one of the most preventable forms of cancer. While skin cancer is cancer you can see, it often goes undetected in the early stages. A large percentage of this form of cancer is associated with exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. To lower your risk, protect your skin from UV rays from the sun and from artificial sources such as tanning beds and sun lamps.

Kristina Okamoto was preparing to return to Alaska after college. Starting her professional life in Anchorage, she wanted to better understand health care options, so she called her mother to ask about services on the Alaska Native Health Campus.