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COVID-19 Information

Southcentral Foundation’s President/CEO and leadership understand these are difficult times and continue to closely monitor this dynamic, rapidly evolving situation.

Part of SCF’s Emergency Management Plan and Pandemic Response includes different levels of operations and staffing based on many factors, including paying attention to guidance from health authorities and local officials.

  • Southcentral Foundation’s Raise Program activities may be held in-person, virtually, or a hybrid of both in alignment with Southcentral Foundation’s COVID-19 safety policies and procedures.


The goals of the Raise Program are to introduce Alaska Native and American Indian interns to potential health care, administrative, and related careers, offer support in achieving educational goals, and provide meaningful worksite experiences to become the next generation of Alaska Native and American Indian leaders. By the end of the program, interns will have completed:

    • Optional Anchorage School District elective high school credits in Credit by Choice: Raise Internship Program or professional writing
    • Personal portfolio for scholarships and/or employment opportunities
    • Skill development trainings focused on Alaska Native cultural values, life skills, workforce development, and leadership skills.
    • Worksite placement in a health care or related career field

The Raise Program offers three program sessions each year.

The summer session combines worksite placements in health and administrative-related careers, skill-building classes and high school credit recovery and acceleration. This session is offered to students ages 14-19 years, who are enrolled in or are entering high school.

The winter session assists youth in completing their secondary education and developing workplace skills. This session is offered to juniors and seniors in high school ages 16-19 years.

The graduate session promotes success for first-year students enrolled in postsecondary education. This session is offered to students who have graduated high school and enrolled in their first year of postsecondary education. Participants must have successfully completed one prior session of the Raise Program and be enrolled full time in a postsecondary program.

Past Raise Intern Testimonials

Kaylex Estacion, 2018

“Raise has helped me to have a better understanding on what it is like in professional workforce.”

Rebekkah Standifer, 2018

“My favorite thing about Raise is the teaching and acceptance of Alaska Native culture.”

Korrin Nyren, 2018

“Raise has given me the opportunity to improve myself and skills in life.”

Lauren Ross, 2018

“Raise has taught me how to be responsible with my money and time.”

Noah Gordon, 2018

“My favorite thing about Raise is the good work experience it gives, and the head start for young Native Americans.”

Brittany Rutherford, 2016

“My experiences with Raise helped me find the perfect job for my ultimate goal in life, which is to go to college to become a nurse or doctor.”

Hannah Wilson, 2016

“The Raise Program encourages Alaska Native youth to push past our social and educational difficulties to become successful in all areas of life.”

Sharissa Graciani, 2020

“My favorite thing about Raise is how everyone encourages you to do your best and achieve your goals.”

Adrian Hanson, 2020

“Raise gives the youth opportunities for involvement in their communities and also gives them the work experience needed to prepare them for life after high school.”

Jonah Revere, 2021

“Southcentral Raise program is an extensive, fun, and productive program to teach business skills to our native community. Thank you for teaching me.”

Jayden “Joji” Ennis-Cochran, 2021

“The feeling of family does it for me. Whenever I’d join a session or walk into the office, I felt like everyone around me was a part of my family and that I could trust them. They don’t treat you like an employee; they treat you like one of them. Forever love for the program.”


1.Fill-out the online SCF application:

    • Click on Job Openings
    • Apply for Raise Intern I position
    • Answer all the questions on the application

2.Once the online SCF application is complete, a Raise Program application link will be sent via email to eligible applicants.

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