SCF Detox

SCF Detox (formerly known as Ernie Turner Center Detox) is a voluntary program and open to all  Alaskan Native and non-Native residents ages 18 years and older.

The detox program is a 14-bed facility that accepts customers that would like to medically detox from their substance of choice. Customers will detox in a comfortable shared space with others while under 24-hour medical supervision.

If you are interested in learning more about the detox program and/or would like to be pre-screened please contact a member of the detox team at (907) 729-6690. Upon completion of the eligibility pre-screen, you will be added to the contact list and need to check in daily.

Priority access is given to pregnant customers, IV drug users, and customers with a confirmed treatment bed.

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SCF Detox

4330 Elmore Rd
Anchorage, AK 99508

(907) 729-6690
(907) 729-6699 Fax

Open 24 hours

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