Alaska CARES

Alaska CARES (Child Abuse Response Evaluation Services) is a child advocacy center at The Children’s Hospital at Providence that works as a multidisciplinary response team for suspected child maltreatment such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, or witness to extreme violence.

Southcentral Foundation provides advocacy and forensic interviewing services to Alaska Native and American Indian youth and families undergoing a CARES evaluation.

The onsite behavioral health consultants provide crisis intervention and brief intervention to support children and families and consultation for the CARES employees. Advocacy services include but are not limited to, support throughout the investigative process, including referrals to medical and behavioral health services, court support, and education for legal, medical, and behavioral health issues.

In addition to SCF, the agencies that make Alaska CARES are:

  • Alaska State Troopers
  • Anchorage Police Department:
    • Crimes Against Children’s Unit
    • Special Victims Unit
  • Office of Children’s Services
  • Providence

Eligibility: Youth under 18 as well as developmentally delayed adults.

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Alaska CARES

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