Employee and Community Assistance Fund

What is ECAF?

Southcentral Foundation’s Employee and Community Assistance Fund (ECAF) was created in 2008 as a benevolence fund to support SCF’s Vision of a Native Community that enjoys physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and is supported by employee and community donations.

What does ECAF fund?

ECAF provides emergency financial assistance to Alaskan residents who are faced with desperate circumstances following an emergency and/or other unforeseen life events. ECAF is mindful of the financial burdens that we may occasionally experience. Whether these challenges occur from natural disasters or personal complications, SCF cares about you and wants to be a resource during these times. Though there are conditions and criteria that need to be met to receive an award, it is not meant to exclude any applicant. However, since the program is supported solely by donations, it is essential to identify those with need, to preserve the original intent of the fund.

How is ECAF funded?

ECAF is primarily funded by SCF employees and community members. Through fundraising efforts like auctions, craft fairs, and employee incentives, ECAF provides critical financial relief to families in need in Alaska. Thank you for your continuous support to ECAF!

How to Apply! 

Fill out the ECAF application and send it to the ECAF administration team at scfecaf@southcentralfoundation.com, or call (907) 729-6723 to speak to an advocate.

How to contribute to ECAF.

Donate online!
Click here to donate online.

ECAF can receive cash or check donations as well. Please reach out through the contact information below if you would like to donate by cash or check.

Southcentral Foundation employees can also use payroll deduction options. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to emails or phone calls.