Trauma-Informed Trainings

Arrigah House

Everyone has a story. Arrigah House is a culturally-connected training intensive that explores the impact of our stories, including adverse childhood experiences and intergenerational trauma. Participants will have the opportunity to explore healthier ways of relating in a safe, peer-led space. Continuing education units are provided.

Soldier’s Heart Training

Soldier’s Heart is a peer led training intensive designed by and for those with service-related trauma to process the effects of post-traumatic stress and gain tools for healthy living. Some of the topics include trauma triggers, grounding, survival guilt and shame, impact on loved ones, grief, and loss, and finding meaning and forgiveness.

Outdoor recreational activities are provided and dependent on the season. CEUs may be available. Lodging is provided.

For more information, please email or call (907) 729-5440.

Advanced Leadership Education and Training (ALET)

This three-day workshop trains peer participants to become learning circle facilitators for various training intensives including Arrigah House and Soldier’s Heart Training. Participants practice facilitating learning circles, learn to create a safe environment, share and respond to story, resolve conflict, and gain tools to reverse the effects of trauma.

(Attending Arrigah House or Soldier’s Heart is a prerequisite to attend ALET)

Cultural Humility

Participants will explore their experiences, beliefs, and cultural identities and how they shape both micro and macro interactions. Utilizing The Center For Culturally Proficient Educational Practice’s Cultural Proficiency Continuum as a framework, participants will discuss how culture shapes behaviors, values, and institutions; identify relational behaviors that are healthy and display cultural humility; and recognize culturally responsive approaches when working in communities outside their culture.

SAMHSA Trauma Informed Care for Justice Involved Individuals

Participants will develop a working concept and understanding of the theory behind trauma-informed care when working with community members connected to corrections, law enforcement, and reentry. By exploring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s definitions and key principles of trauma-informed care, participants can apply this theoretical framework both individually and in organizational practices.

Historical Trauma and Generational Healing

Participants will explore the root causes of generational trauma from an Alaska Native and Native American lens. Using the framework of culturally traditional Alaska Native societies and an experiential approach, participants explore the impact of trauma and the possibility of generational healing.

Learning Circle Facilitator Training

Participants will explore the four characteristics of learning circle philosophy, practice learning circle roles and responsibilities, the learning circle process, leading differently, and responding. Participants will also discuss next steps to expand learning circles within their community.

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