Behavioral Health Child and Family Outpatient Services

What is CFOS?

Southcentral Foundation’s Behavioral Health Child and Family Outpatient Services offers a wide range of supportive care to individuals, children, and families with behavioral health needs.

These services are integrated with case management, primary care, psychiatric evaluation, medication management and the Trails Program for developing healthy life skills for youth and families. Resiliency development, parenting and supportive learning circles are available for our families.

Services Available:

Individual and group skills development
Identifying and applying tools to improve functioning.

Psychiatric evaluation
Diagnostic assessment for families considering medication treatment to address emotional or behavioral challenges.

Medication management
Monitoring response and side effects to medication, reassessing the benefits of continuing treatment.

Individual and family therapy
Processing events, trauma, and circumstances affecting daily living.

Case management
Connecting customer-owners with community resources.

Residential and crisis care coordination
Support for customer-owners who need higher levels of behavioral health care.

Referral Path

The common path to CFOS is through formal referral from a behavioral health consultant within the customer-owner’s primary care panel, at Behavioral Health Fireweed and Adult Outpatient Services, or through the walk-in clinic at Behavioral Health Fireweed.

Family Support

During treatment at CFOS with a customer-owner, it may become apparent that another family member can benefit from therapy. CFOS clinicians are available for individual and family therapy, where appropriate. Clinicians can also refer the family member for their own course of treatment when necessary.

Art and Play

In working with children and adolescents, traditional talk therapy is not the only route to healing. CFOS offers a variety of settings and interventions, including art rooms, imaginative playrooms, and sensory rooms.

What is the Trails Program?

The Trails Program focuses on supporting customer-owners with building skills to improve their behavioral health. Trails provides customer-owners with opportunities to learn and practice skills that improve relationships with peers and family, increase engagement in school, build confidence in the community, better overall life satisfaction, and more. Customer-owners enjoy group-based activities as well as one-on-one attention in the community settings that matter to them. Trails is open to customer-owners from age 3 to young adulthood.

For information, call SCF Behavioral Health Child and Family Outpatient Services at (907) 729-8558.