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Lose to Win is a yearlong, two-session program, designed to provide the guidance and tools to promote positive lifestyle changes among participants. The primary objective is to improve your overall health; and in the process, it can also help you lose unwanted pounds. This is a team effort, supported by SCF health educators, dietitians, behavioral health consultants, and exercise physiologists.

The Lose to Win program is in the process of becoming a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognized Diabetes Prevention Program. Southcentral Foundation Health Education is seeking customer-owners to participate in the new program. We are looking for customer-owners who are ready to engage in program activities and have one of the following: high risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes, a BMI greater than 25, and exercise habits that total less than 150 minutes per week.

If you or a customer-owner you know are interested in joining the next session, email the Lose to Win team at scflosetowin@SouthcentralFoundation.com or call Health Education at (907) 729-2689 with the customer-owner’s information and which qualification is met for referral to the program.

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