Pebble Painting for Prevention

February 1 – February 28

During National Cancer Prevention Month, Southcentral Foundation Health Education Cancer Prevention team would like to invite you to participate in the pebble painting activity. Your participation could help raise cancer awareness, hope, and inspire others to take action. There is no specific way to prevent cancer, but knowing your risks, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding tobacco products, wearing sun protection, getting screened, and knowing your family history can help reduce your risk.

How to participate:

  1. Research cancer information – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute are reputable sources for cancer prevention information.
  2. Get Inspired – Look up rock decorating ideas and inspiring messages on Pinterest that you could use for the painting pebbles activity.
  3. Collect pebbles and rocks – Ensure that the rocks you choose are small enough for someone to pick up but large enough for the message you would like to share.
  4. Clean pebbles with mild soap and water – Allow them to dry completely before starting to paint. This will help the paint stay on longer and be more visible.
  5. Paint your pebbles – Acrylic paint will work best for this activity. Be sure to brush or spray on sealant (i.e. Krylon spray, DecoArt, DuraClear Gloss or Matte) so your paint can better endure outdoor conditions.
  6. Place pebbles in your community – Find a public, well-attended location where someone is sure to see it and be inspired!

How should I decorate my rock?

You can decorate your rock with inspiring messages of hope, the benefits of getting

screened, or any cancer prevention related information you would like to share.

We love to see the painted pebbles found and where they travel. On the back of your rock, using an acrylic paint pen or permanent marker, write “Post to Southcentral Foundation on Facebook. Keep or re-hide.”  Check the Southcentral Foundation Facebook page to see if anyone found your rock and don’t forget to invite your family and friends to join in!

Should I post clues leading to my rock?

Whether you’re the original artist or re-hiding a rock you found, it is up to you! It’s fun for people to find them by happenstance, but it can also provide an exciting treasure hunt for others if they know where to look.

What do I do if I find a rock?

Congratulations on your discovery! You may either keep the rock you found or re-hide it, but please post a photo of yourself with the rock to the Southcentral Foundation Facebook page. It is enjoyable for others to see that their rocks have been found. Let’s see where these rocks will travel in Alaska!


  • Please keep your rocks family friendly and free of profanity.
  • Please refrain from hiding your rock anywhere dangerous or illegal (i.e. medians, the side of the road, on railroad tracks, etc.)
  • We want everyone to be safe, please hide rocks outside. Do not hide rocks inside establishments.