Nondalton Community Health Clinic

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Southcentral Foundation’s President/CEO and leadership understand these are difficult times and continue to closely monitor this dynamic, rapidly evolving situation.

Part of SCF’s Emergency Management Plan and Pandemic Response includes different levels of operations and staffing based on many factors, including paying attention to guidance from health authorities and local officials.

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On Oct. 1, 2015, after negotiating with IHS on behalf of Nondalton, SCF began providing direct health care services. Nondalton Community Health Center is one of the six Federally Qualified Health Centers since 2016, that feed into the Nilavena Subregional Clinic. The Nondalton Community Health Center offers high-quality services, family wellness, and shared responsibility for everyone (regardless of IHS status) at any stage of life. Services are available to all members of these communities on a sliding fee scale depending upon both household income and size. The Nondalton clinic team will work in partnership with you — and in partnership with each other — to ensure you receive the tools, support, and resources you need to make health-related decisions, and that all your health needs are addressed.

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Nondalton Community Health Clinic
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